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The Magick Companion is a visually stunning guide to the world of magick, designed to be an addition or companion to other works on the subject. It is suitable for both seasoned practitioners and those new to magick.

In The Magick Companion, you’ll find over 200 pages full of magick diagrams and illustrations, as well as visually explained ritual instructions, illustrated and explained elemental, LVX, and NOX signs, and much more. The book is packed with beautiful art and design, and includes tips and tricks based on the personal experience of the author.

The Magick Companion includes a thelemic touch, but it is not necessary to be a thelemite to benefit from the book. It is suitable for practitioners of all traditions and paths.

The magick diagrams in The Magick Companion are designed to be as detailed and accurate as possible, providing a clear and concise visual representation of the concepts and practices covered in the book. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, you’ll find the diagrams to be a valuable resource for deepening your understanding of magick.

The Magick Companion stands out from other books on magick by offering a visually rich and engaging approach to the subject. While many books rely heavily on text-based explanations, The Magick Companion uses a combination of beautiful illustrations and concise explanations to bring the concepts and practices of magick to life.

The Magick Companion is designed to appeal to visual learners, making it an ideal resource for those who struggle to grasp concepts through text alone. The combination of clear illustrations and concise explanations makes it easier to absorb and understand the material, making it a valuable companion to other works on magick.

The Magick Journal (Diary Edition) is a ceremonial magick journal designed for documenting your magical progress and experiences over a period of six to twelve months. It is suitable for both beginner and advanced practitioners.

The Magick Journal is an excellent tool for reflecting on your personal growth, writing down your dreams, and documenting your magical progress. It is particularly useful for recording evocations, visions, astral travel, and learning new disciplines.

The Magick Journal is designed for use over a period of six to twelve months, providing ample space for documenting your magical progress and experiences during this time. However, you can continue using the journal for as long as it is helpful to you and your practice.

By writing down your goals and intentions in The Magick Journal, you can create a clear roadmap for your magical practice. By regularly revisiting and revising your goals, you can stay focused on what you want to change in your life and use the journal as a tool to help bring your desires into reality.

Yes, AOM is suitable for practitioners of all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. It is designed to be an addition or companion to other works on the subject, so it can be used to supplement your existing knowledge or as a standalone resource for learning about magick.