The Holy Books of Thelema are a collection of texts that hold a special place within the mystical tradition known as Thelema. These works are believed to contain divine revelations, teachings, and instructions that have been passed down to humanity through the medium of Aleister Crowley, a famous and controversial occultist who lived in the early 20th century.

According to Crowley, the Holy Books of Thelema were not simply his own creations, but rather were written through him by a higher power or intelligence. In other words, he claimed that he was merely a conduit for these works, rather than their author. This is why they are considered “inspired” texts, rather than the product of Crowley’s own intellect or imagination.

The most well-known and revered of these Holy Books is a text called Liber AL vel Legis, which is also known as The Book of the Law. This particular book is unique among the Holy Books of Thelema in that it was dictated to Crowley by a voice that he believed to be that of a divine entity. According to Crowley, this voice came to him while he was on a spiritual retreat in Egypt, and spoke to him directly, giving him the words of The Book of the Law.

The other Holy Books of Thelema, while not dictated in the same manner as The Book of the Law, are also believed to be the product of a higher intelligence. In his autobiography, Crowley describes the process of writing these texts as a mysterious and almost otherworldly experience. He writes: “The spirit came upon me and I wrote a number of books in a way which I hardly know how to describe. They were not taken from dictation like The Book of the Law nor were they my own composition. I cannot even call them automatic writing. I can only say that I was not wholly conscious at the time of what I was writing…I cannot doubt that these books are the work of an intelligence independent of my own.”

Thus, the Holy Books of Thelema are considered to be sacred texts within the Thelemic tradition, containing wisdom and knowledge that have been revealed to humanity through the medium of Aleister Crowley. They are revered for their transformative power and their ability to guide the reader on the path of spiritual enlightenment. So, these texts are considered very important by the followers of Thelema.