R.O.T.A Angelorum – 480 Angels – Magick Diagram

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Allow me to introduce the Eye of Raziel, or the R.O.T.A Angelorum.

The most complete Diagram about the Angels of the ShemHamephorash and other zodiacal Angels. (480 Angels)
The first layer (from inside to outside) contains the 12 divine names (or names of god) which are associated with the 12 zodiac signs. You can see them as a key to the certain part of the zodiac sphere. The second layer contains the names of the 12 zodiac angels. These angels are ruling over the zodiac sphere, every angel for their own zodiac sign. The third layer contains the 36 decans. The fourth layer is about the Shemhamephorash angel. The fifth and last layer is the deepest (or highest?) part of the zodiac sphere. Here you can explore every degree in detail. Step by step.

I have added the hexagrams and the tracing directions At the End of every Sphere. This will show you the color of the hexagram and the sign and the tracing direction for the greater hexagram ritual.

if you understand this Diagram you can use it as a complete hierachical ritual instruction for approach and vision for the sphere of the zodiac or  a part of chokmah.

Have fun!

What you will get:

  • 1 high quality PDF with 480 listed Angels of the Zodiac Sphere.
  • 1 PDF with the Legend and other Symbolic Explanations


This Diagram is based on the Raziel Approach to the Shem Angels. In my Experiece you can enter the Sphere of the Zodiac only through Raziel. He is the Gatekeeper of the whole Zodiac Sphere or Parts of Chokmah. If the Gatekeeper get the right Keys, he will open a Gate for you. So this Diagram works hand in hand with the “hierarchical Angel invocation key system”. You have to work through every gate to get deeper. how I said, the first angel to contact is Raziel. With the right preparation and the key (the divine name of the sphere) he will open the gate to the chosen zodiac sign and its powers. You will face the archangel which is ruling of the zodiac sphere. He/she will be the gatekeeper for the 36 Decans, the next deeper layer of the zodiac. If you pass the Decans you will get to the 72 Shem angels which will lead you to the 360 angels of the degrees, and so on.

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Future Plans within the next six months:

  • Translate the whole Rota Angelorum into Hebrew
  • Drawing Sigils for every Angels (Especially the 360)
  • Adding Ritual Instructions

Thanks for your Support!

– Mars



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