Adventures of a Magus: NOX Edition

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Adventures of a Magus – the Magick Companion: NOX Edition (Paperback Edition)

Allow me to introduce the new Edition of Adventures of a Magus© – NOX Edition.


What can you expect?
Adventures of a Magus has been completely redesigned. You will get over 200 pages of Magick Diagrams, Rituals like Liber V vel Reguli, the Star Ruby and much more.


I don’t want to reinvent the Wheel, but i want to present it in a new way! Most books about Magick consist of texts and even more texts but have hardly any Visual Support.

My Mission is to change this. I Myself have always been someone who can learn better though Visual Impressions. In this project, I try to present the Rituals as good as possible visually and this can bee seen as an addition, or a Companion to other Works of Magick.


In my books you will find Ritual Scripts wrapped in beautiful Art & Design and many more tips and tricks from my personal experience.

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2 reviews for Adventures of a Magus: NOX Edition

  1. Steve K

    This book offers the perfect visual support for beginners in magick. The pages are beautifully designed and explained in detail. i know mars from instagram and i am amazed by his work. Buying the book was a very good decision. I also bought the diary edition and use it daily. Its an absolute must-buy for anyone who wants awesome mnemonic tools and great magick diagrams. 93 93/93

  2. Spicy

    What an incredibly helpful book! Many people have issues with visualization in todays world of instant gratification. This book will help people learn how to correctly perform these rituals while ingraining the visualizations into the psyche. I wish a book like this was out decades ago! Adventures of a Magus is putting out phenomenal work, and I will continue to purchase from them! 10/10 Highly Recommend.

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