Adventures of a Magus – The Magick Companion: NOX Edition

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Allow me to introduce the NOX Edition of “Adventures of a Magus,” the visual guide to the arcane arts of Ceremonial Magick. This revised version expands the previous edition with over 200 pages of striking diagrams and detailed illustrations of rituals, infusing traditional magickal practices with vivid visual elements designed to engage and improve your practice.

Unlike conventional texts that often offer mainly written guidance, this edition emphasizes the power of visual learning, marrying artful representations with ritualistic depth. By re-envisioning these practices through a contemporary lens, the NOX Edition does not seek to reinvent the wheel but rather to enhance its presentation, making the mystical more accessible and engaging to practitioners of all levels.

Each page serves not only as a visual feast but also as a detailed manual, offering in-depth explanations and annotations of each ritual script. These are complemented by practical insights drawn from my personal journey into the magickal realm, providing both novice and adept practitioners with the tools needed to elevate their craft.

In crafting the NOX Edition of “Adventures of a Magus,” my aim was to create a magickal companion that resonates with those who, like myself, learn best through visual stimulus. This book stands as a gateway to a more profound and immersive magickal experience, inviting all who turn its pages to deepen their understanding and mastery of the magickal arts.


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